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Common Causes of Tow Truck Accidents

Tow truck accidents are typically caused to numerous factors. This is why tow truck drivers need to be trained and well educated about the job. Here are some causes mentioned below:
Driver Fatigue

Overworked or careless drivers often pose a dangerous risk. The drivers must exercise personal responsibility and the employer has a duty to ensure that the drivers are well taken care of.

Equipment Failure

The tow truck drivers must ensure that the equipment is in a well-maintained condition. They must alert the employer about any malfunction that may occur in the equipment.

Distracted Driver

Another common cause is distraction, where the tow truck driver isn’t sincere enough about the job and doesn’t understand their responsibility.

Improper Loading

Tow truck accidents are often caused when poor loading practices are followed. This is why great care and caution must be taken in the process.

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We are one of the most highly sought after firm of attorneys in Houston known for our meticulous legal research and ability to present strong arguments in court.
File Your Insurance Claim
If you have been in a tow truck accident, you might be entitled to an insurance. Get in touch with one of our attorneys and they can help you get started.
Continue Medical Care
Timely and appropriate medical care is key. If you were not in the wrong, you can demand compensation for the medical expenses that you have incurred.
Negotiation is a skilful process that is best left to us. We are fierce negotiators and we know how to tilt the negotiations in our client’s favour.
Investigate Your Case
We will investigate your case in order to shed light on new and important facts in the case. This will help us draft relevant arguments and build a stronger case for you.
Inadequate Road Maintenance
If the road is improperly maintained, you can sue the authority and the government responsible for ensuring its proper condition. We can suggest an effective course of action.
Demand For Settlement
We know how to make the appropriate demand for settlement and help our client get the best possible scenario for his unique situation.


What Our Client’s Say

Here are some of our clients that have benefitted from our legal acumen and expertise:
Max A. Johnson

“USAA Claim Attorney provided complete clarity in the legal process. They made me feel reassured and I knew that the results they got for me is the best scenario for my case.”

Jena R. Hammond

“USAA Claim Attorney helped me receive the compensation that I rightfully deserved from my employers. It was a stressful time and I am happy to have chosen them to take me through the legal process.”

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Settlement Check?

Typically, you should expect to receive your settlement check anywhere between four to six weeks. If you still haven’t, get in touch with us.

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